Drum Books, Backing Tracks and Progress Goals


Quote from Bob Armstrong – UK’s top drum educator

"I've been privileged to be at the birth of Backbone Drums. I've watched the concept grow through proof reading the books and having ideas thrown at me. The end result is one of care and devotion but above all a love for the drums, which will be passed onto the students. A job well done, Dave".

Bob Armstrong with Dave Nato & Mike Brazier

PHOTO: Author & creator, Dave 'Nato' with Bob Armstrong and drummer, Mike Brazier. 

Bob was a great friend and teacher and his input in Backbone Drums was invaluable. 


Over the years, lots of schools, teachers and students have been using the Backbone Drums Syllabus. Here is what a few of them had to say...

Received the books and had a read through them last night. I must say, very pleased!

I can't offer enough praise and I am not an easy person to please.

- Tom Griggs - Icon Music (M Mowbray)

These books are not just teaching you to play a song or two, they are actually more like an apprenticeship whereby, having worked through them all, you will be a master of the trade

- Ian Tiso - Teacher (Somerset)

As a late starter, the Backbone drums syllabus has given me a comprehensive, easy to follow guide on technique, rudiments, fills and much more, raising my confidence and ability no end.

- Mike Tunnell - Mature Student (Kent)

Together with the accompanying music tracks, Backbone Drums become a powerful tool you can keep coming back to even after years of playing.

- Dan Potter - Thwack Drums (Tonbridge)

Dave, I couldn't do this without your program or you for that matter, I am eternally in your debt. Being a music teacher has changed my whole flipping life (for the better).

- Mike Small - The Drum Studio (Sussex)

I can't tell you enough how well these books have helped my students. parents are really impressed how that in a first lesson, their child is already reading music. The books are Genius!

- Jason Robertson - Teacher (USA)

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